Forex Training – Africa Number 1

With over 8000 students trained we were arguably the best training provider in Africa, but after winning the biggest award in Forex Training 2014 and 2015 it is official and indisputable. The reason why we have such a high success rate among students is simple. We are the only trading company with years of profitable trading history. Ask any other training company to see their results for the past year or 5 years and all you’ll get are excuses. Having a lifetime mentorship program included in the training also helps. Especially when you get mentored in person by guys like George van der Riet with 15 years international experience and one of the top 2 traders in South Africa. That is not just a factless claim but it is backed up by his live results directly from his broker as can be seen on this website or in person at his office or any of the FREE classes that he does all over Africa. We offer forex trading courses in Durban and Johannesburg and Cape Town and many other African countries. We also offer free forex trading courses

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